As of May 14, all clothing stores are allowed to open to the public with many restrictions. While being able to open again is an exciting idea, our customer's safety is our top priority. We need to work had to keep you, your families, and Lil Hoots staff safe and healthy.


Please read the following to understand what shopping at Lil Hoots will be like in the future. There’s a lot to read, sorry. But it’s definitely all important.

  1. We will allow 1-3 families in the store at a time (depending on # of people in the store). Appointments can be made any time between 10am-5:30pm. To make an appointment, please select a time below. Once your scheduled shopping appointment is completed, we will clean the empty store and sanitize what was touched.

  2. Upon entrance, customers must walk directly to the public washroom and wash their hands OR ou must use the available hand sanitizer. There will be masks and gloves available for use, but not required. Once you are done shopping, you may go wash your hands again prior to leaving.

  3. Please only touch items you intend to purchase. This will aide in sanitizing.

  4. Trying on clothing is permitted, however all items NOT purchased will need to be quarantined for 5 days so please be diligent in choosing items to try on.

  5. Children are allowed at the store. Please note, the toys are all put away, the crayons are gone, and the play area is cleared away. We have made HOOTS DOUGH for all children who come into the store (ingredients: corn starch, baby lotion, colour). This Hoots Dough will be available FOR FREE to customers’ children at the store. Alternatively, we will have mini colouring books and crayons for kids to play with. When you are done shopping, kids can bring their Hoots Dough or colouring items home with them. Once kids are gone, the entire play area will be sanitized.

  6. Consignment Drop Offs. We are accepting drop offs ONLY by scheduled appointment. We will NOT accept any drop-offs not scheduled. We are accepting 2 drop offs per day. You may consign once every 15 days with a 30-item limit. Please make sure all of your items are FRESHLY cleaned, free of holes, stains (of ANY kind), and tears. Swim items must be cleaned – they cannot smell of chlorine. IMPORTANT INFO: It has been suggested by the Government that all consignment clothing dropped off must stay in quarantine for a minimum of 3 days. SO, if you drop off your items, they will NOT go onto the floor for at least 3 days. To book a scheduled drop-off time, go to our website and go to “Consign With Us!”, read all of the information and then choose a time. If you are new to consigning with us, the contract is available on that page at the very bottom.

  7. Even though this has always been a rule, it is important to remind everyone that all sales are final at Lil Hoots. No exchanges or returns are permitted.


We look forward to seeing everyone again. We will be at the store everyday, so if you need to stop in and don’t have a scheduled appointment, please message us on Facebook or call us at the store 403-934-9979 and see if it’s possible to stop in to shop. If there are no other appointments, you can absolutely stop in! We miss everyone and appreciate all the support we’ve had. You alone are the reason we are working as hard as we are to stay in business.

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